The Erasmus+ BIP international exchange and exhibition project [COMMON GROUND] was hosted by Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences and the U!REKA Lab: Co-Creativity in Social Arts of the U!REKA European University Network in several venues in Frankfurt, Germany. The event brought together international and interdisciplinary students, teachers and practitioners from the participating universities, HOGENT, Metropolia Helsinki, Hanze Groningen & Edinburgh Napier for an intensive exchange on common perspectives, practices and working realities at the nexus of arts and the social. Ideas and practices are shared in lectures, workshops, presentations, performances, and exhibitions to compare and explore common grounds and the potential of artistic and social work in urban contexts.

08. – 14.10.2023 [COMMON GROUND] Frankfurt am Main @ Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences & OHa: Offenes Haus der Kulturen & ATELIERFRANKFURT, Frankfurt UAS Gallery



Video: Lothar Eichhorn/AV-Medien, Frankfurt UAS

[COMMON GROUND] and the U!REKA Lab: Co-Creativity in Social Arts focusses on co-creativity in social arts and its potential in the exploration, transformation and (co-)creation of urban spaces. The quest for a common ground is more than the exchange of opinions. It can focus on its physical dimension and address the problems of (urban) spaces as often exclusive and privatized, forming the backdrop for social spaces in which individuals navigate and society can evolve. From an individual perspective the quest for a common ground entails a personal positioning and a critical engagement with others to co-create and build a community, a common. Do we share a common ground, in a physical and metaphorical sense? And how can we take part in transforming and revolutionizing social structures towards more livable urban spaces? These and other questions were explored together with students and experts in international Co-Creative Groups during the intensive week and results were presented in a final exhibition.