U!R Commons Lecture: 27.06. 15.00

Co-Production – Commons – Resilience. Concepts and Influences on the development of inclusive urban spaces.
Paola Alfaro-d’Alençon, Nikolaus Podlaha and Federico Castracane (Team DFG_KOPRO Int.)

27.06. 2022, 15.00 pm (CET) U!R Commons Lecture Series: Register here

DFG_KOPRO Int. for the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft investigates different concepts and approaches to ‘co-production’ practices based on Elinor Ostrom and the theories of the Commons. Built as an international comparative study between Europe and Latin America, in particular between Berlin and Santiago de Chile. The goal is to research the interdependencies and benefits of different forms of co-production and which specific new instruments of collaborative structures are currently being developed and tested in projects as well as what urban impacts cooperative approaches can manifest to socio-spatial material consequences. The second phase of the project is now set to further explore aspects of sustainability and scaling-up in the atmosphere of tension between contested and collaborative co-production.

Paola Alfaro d’Alençon is an architect and holds a doctoral degree in urban studies. She works with national and international organizations for sustainable urban design and planning, governance processes and climate change frameworks. She is founding member of U-Lab, Studio für Stadt und Raumprozesse in Berlin

Nikolaus Podlaha is research assistant in the project DFG Kopro Int. and member of U-Lab, Studio für Stadt und Raumprozesse. He is currently doing his Master Thesis at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Institut for Art and Architecture (IKA).

Federico Castraca joined recently as a research assistant responsible for the project DFG Kopro Int. He is currently doing his Master Thesis at the Technische Universität Berlin, Institut für Architektur (IfA).

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